Our Services



Cyber SecurityCyber Security 2

AIS employs some of the most talented cyber professionals within the industry. We are able to assess and overcome a wide range of cyber threats or issues from anywhere to exceed clients’ requirements.


Security Oil 1

AIS is composed of some of the most highly experienced and trained security professionals specializing in Executive Protection, Corporate Security Assessments, Penetration Testing, Critical Infrastructure, Risk Assessment/Analysis, Threat Management Assessments, Active Shooter, Surveillance/Counter Surveillance, and Clandestine Intelligence Gathering.


EXP Protection 1Aviation

AIS retains the highest experienced rotary and fixed-wing aircraft pilots. The experience and professionalism of our aviators and crews is topnotch. Our aviation teams are comprised of military and commercial aviators who have flown every type of operation, from critical combat operations in the fight against terror, to the private and corporate airliners.


unnamedTraining and Support

AIS has successfully trained law enforcement, military, and civilian organizations in a wide variety of skills and proven methodologies. AIS is able to plan and deliver detailed training concepts in order to facilitate any environment including:

  • Executive Protection
  • Weapons, Marksmanship
  • Surveillance,
  • Cyber
  • Leadership and Planning
  • Aviation


Project Management Pic 1Program Management

AIS provides global management solutions as well as consulting services in order to maximize cumulative efforts and create avenues for immediate improvement processes, resulting in processes that improve operational and strategic goals for our clients across the globe.

Consulting Services Consulting pic

AIS is able to provide guidance and structure allowing us to overcome complex situations facing our clients.