AIS personnel have unmatched skills that have been honed through experience within real‑world operational environments. Whether it is training foreign soldiers, to conducting high-level penetration testing, you can expect our team to be comprised of only the top professionals within the industry. Our employees are an outstanding example of the best that our country has to offer within multiple operational environments.

All employees have been thoroughly vetted within our specialized military-oriented community and possess the ability to function at a high level of professionalism in “zero tolerance” for defect settings. Our employees participate in continuing education as well in order to preserve and improve their highly sought after skill set.


Talent Acquisition

AIS utilizes a proactive talent acquisition process. Whereas other companies wait for potential recruits to come to them, AIS actively seeks and engages recruits. AIS personally recruits for current openings, as and maintains an extensive pipeline of fully-qualified candidates in order to sustain a 98% fill rate, which further reduces risk for the client.


AIS Composition

Our methodology is to maximize the assets that make AIS successful. We maintain an extremely detailed roster of some of the most highly qualified Special Operations Personnel, Law Enforcement, Aviation, Logistics, and Medical personnel that are available. AIS hires only the best available employees within the industry.